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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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won the world series last year. mission bartender remembers it well. >> crazy, people just going nuts. >> reporter: there is concern that a 49er win could bring more trouble to san francisco city streets. >> we want people to celebrate responsibly. >> reporter: the police will have at least 100 extra officers on the streets sunday night many in the mission. >> basically, our strategy is going to be to monitor the areas where we tend to see people congregate to celebrate. >> reporter: to minimize fuel for street fires, trash collectors will be emptying dumpsters before the game ends so there's less temptation for arson. muni will be pulling its electric buses from some streets the ones connected to the lines, using diesel buses instead so they can reroute them if trouble occurs. the bartender is looking forward to the party at the irish pub and hopes the police plan works. >> be on top of it. i'll be doing mine. i'll be serving water for
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whoever doesn't need another beer. i just hope they're out there doing theirs. >> reporter: you may have heard last week the mayor suggested to some businesses, to some bars, that they limit the sales of hard col at the end of the game and directly after the game. that suggestion did not go over very well with most establishments. it will be interesting to see if that comes up again this afternoon. live in the mission, anne makovec, cbs 5. santa clara police taking its cues from new orleans on the eve of the super bowl. the city's new stadium won't open for more than a year now but the police department wants to start training for game days right now so it's sending some of its top cops to new orleans to learn about crowd control. >> new orleans has done this many times and those guys are sharp. and that's why we're sending people there to learn from them. >> typically, around one million people visit new orleans in the days leading up to mardi gras. this year, officials say another 150,000 will be in town
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for the super bowl. football fans and mardi gras revelers dealing with a lot of rain today, heavy rain, the stormed barreled through the french quarter this morning producing rain and lightning in new orleans, coming down. despite the ominous storm, though, nobody is more focused and excited for the days ahead than head coach jim harbaugh. nobody. >> you know, just feel the enthusiasm, feel the energy from our coaches, from our players. >> reporter: he is intense and tightly wound but something about the rare air of the pending super bowl has niners head coach jim harbaugh letting it go were very excited. everybody is attacking this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. just fires me up. i'm just very fired up this morning to get over there to the saints facility with our team and practice. it could be an exceptional one. it could be an extraordinary wednesday for us. >> reporter: harbaugh's 49ers are just four days away from the team's 6th super bowl.
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his midseason gamble has paid big dividends. despite a quick start he benched alex smith. for now nfl rock star colin kaepernick is the starting quarterback and somehow he managed to keep the peace. >> nothing has changed. and to hear colin talk about what alex has meant to him through this process, so it's been a tremendous example. >> reporter: how about kaepernick? he too is one solid citizen. no ego, no worries. it's all about team. >> just natural that this guy can handle this. you know, there was no conversation about his life changing. he's a great kid. he's a fully grown man now. but he has a lot of talent from mom, dad and god, and been raised really well and complete confidence in how he handles himself. >> i think the coach is ready, so are we. we have live coverage from new
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orleans all week long. dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman all on the ground in the big easy doing all things super bowl all week. bay area drivers are being reminded about the big game this weekend during the commute. this digital sign is off highway 101 usually features advertisements or upcoming events but this week, it's projecting a message of course supporting the 49ers and their quest for the 6th super bowl championship. super bowl, whoo! wahoo! >> there we go. the tolltakers working over at the golden gate were beaming with 9ers team pride. she was sporting 49ers gear and proudly showing us a photo of a cute baby wearing 49ers pajamas. those same tolltakers though are preparing this afternoon for some big changes ahead. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran says the days of taking bridge tolls manually are numbered. cate, good afternoon. >> reporter: today the golden
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gate bridge is one step closer to being the first bridge in california to move from manual toll collection to all- electronic toll collection. >> it's the wave of tolling in the united states. it's already happening in europe. and it's more cost-effective. >> reporter: testing for the new electronic system began early this morning. >> we have all the computers in place, all the software in place. and so we're testing the license plate reads and majoring sure all the account functionalities are working. >> reporter: a golden gate, highways and transportation district approved the move in january 2011. it was in large part to help cut costs. >> we have a $66 million shortfall here at the bridge, a five-year shortfall. and fastrak tolling is about 25 cents a transaction. manual tolling is over 80 isn't a transaction. >> reporter: the way it works, if you drive through the toll, the sensors will look for fastrak. if not, cameras will take pictures of the license plates. drivers will have the option of setting up an account that
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automatically pays tolls through your credit card, or paying at one of the new tee yos, around the city. if you do nothing and just drive through, you will be mailed a bill. but the big question, what about tourists? >> we're already using electronic touring for rental cars. if you come from kansas, you come from missouri, you come from chicago, your license plate, it's all about the license plate. >> reporter: as for the toll workers, she says they are working to place them in different parts of the organization although not all want the option. toll workers didn't want to comment on camera. the testing is expected to take place over the next two months. the big switch will be at the end of march. mary put it best. if you don't know what to do, don't do anything. just drive through. you will be sent some information and instructions. reporting live from the golden gate bridge, cate caugiran, cbs 5. checking other bay area headlines now on thens with, the bones discovered under the garage floor of a home in san
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francisco's haight district appears to be from an animal. investigators have been searching the site looking for clues into the disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins who disappeared back in 1984. a neighbor told eyewitness news two men who used to live in the home had been questioned decades ago but never charge. a pelican bay prison inmate has been indicted in a double murder in oakland. the "chronicle" reports henry servants allegedly gave the order to kill the couple from behind bars back in 2011. a 73-year-old paroled killer and a 56-year-old woman were found stabbed to death inside a burning home on coolidge avenue on september 11 of that year. one person was killed in a fiery crash on eastbound interstate 580 in livermore. it happened this morning. the highway patrol says 4 cars were involved and it started when a driver of a honda civic rear-ended another car. the honda ended up being had the by two other cars and burst into flames. the driver died at the scene. coming up, a bizarre
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standoff entering its second day in alabama. what neighbors are saying about a man who violently kidnapped a boy off a school bus. >> the time is now. you must act. >> an emotional testimony on capitol hill. the plea lawmakers hear from a former colleague to end gun violence. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we are enjoying some of the nicest weather of the week but you better enjoy it, folks. we have some rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up.
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is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. boy taken from an alabama school bus. day, swat teams now to a developing story we're following. a tense standoff involving a little boy taken from an alabama school bus.
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since yesterday, s.w.a.t. teams have been trying to negotiate with the gunman 65- year-old jimmy dikes. he apparently boarded a school bus, killed the driver and took the kindergartner who reportedly has special needs and is on medication. neighbors describe dikes as paranoid and combative. police believe the 6-year-old is being held in an underground bunker on dikes' property. gun violence taking center stage on capitol hill today. lawmakers are holding hearings on the president's plan to restrict access to some types of weapons. cbs reporter danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: former congresswoman gabrielle giffords arrived as an unscheduled witness to the first senate hearing on gun violence since the mass shooting at a connecticut elementary school. >> the time is now. you must act. >> reporter: she was nearly killed in a tucson shooting in 2011 and came to capitol hill with her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly, to push
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for tighter gun restrictions. members of the senate judiciary committee are discussing an assault weapons ban and strengthening background checks. >> i go through background checks. i expect everyone else, too. >> reporter: the nra executive violent wayne lapierre is representing gun owners at the hearing. >> background checks will never be universal because criminals will never submit to them. >> reporter: while gun control is getting new attention here on capitol hill, getting laws passed is an uphill battle. republicans and democrats are strong gun rights supporters. >> the 1994 assault weapons ban did not stop columbine. the justice department found the ban ineffective. >> reporter: dianne feinstein introduced an assault weapons ban. charles schumer is behind the bill but is not optimistic it
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will pass. >> you cannot have month after month after month these shootings. >> reporter: hundreds of people packed the room for today's hearing. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, cbs 5. got a little company now. it's time for weather and boy, what a great week we have had. >> and good company i would say. >> i wouldn't go that far. [ laughter ] >> okay. at least you have somebody to sit with you. folks, outside today great weather coming our way, lots of sunshine, skies nice and clear out over the bay and all the way to the coastline looking good inland as well toward mount diablo. yeah, just a gentle breeze out there right now. not much of one as we're enjoying a lot of sunshine as high pressure sits overhead now. we'll continue to do so over the next few days. so even tonight should be mostly clear a little chilly in spots. maybe a little warmer. looking good there, the temperatures beginning to warm up. 61 in oakland, 62 in livermore and 61 degrees in san francisco. looking at a huge dome of high pressure, sitting along the west coast, that is sending any threat of rain well to the
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north of the bay area. high pressure in control for today, and it looks like for at least the next few days, temperatures in the central valley should be in the 60s as we'll see lots of sunshine even up in the sierra nevada. a little cooler up there with highs in the 40s and 50s. around the bay 65 degrees in san jose. 63 in san mateo. a little cooler and breezy at the coastline into the 50s there. east bay numbers planning on mostly sunny skies, about 64 in pleasanton. 64 in the napa valley. and about 62 degrees in pleasant hill. inside the bay 64 degrees in oakland, should see 64 in santa rosa. and about 61 in san francisco. overnight lows will still be chilly in spots. 30s and 40s. the next couple of days we are in the sweet spot weather-wise lots of sunshine coming our way and temperatures warming up nicely. saturday and sunday, looks like more of a sea breeze kicking in, temperatures will cool counsel and then maybe we start to talk about showers as we head in toward the middle of the next week. all right, that's a look at
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weather. roberta gonzales is live with our mobile weather out at sfo where bad weather back east could cause some travel plans problems. >> reporter: we are here with mobile weather lab at sfo. take a look at the weather maps. currently it suggests 66 degrees. the barometer is at 30.31, which gives you a great idea that high pressure is in command. and that's why we have all this sunshine and one of the most mild days so far this year but that certainly was not the cast in other parts of the country earlier this morning when a massive cold front blasted through the midwest stretching all the way into the deep south. and that caused substantial airport delays for our 49er faithful flying on out to new orleans. now, the delays were from houston into new orleans. but now, with the passage of that front as it's trekked in an easterly direction, it has caused tornadoes causing two deaths, one in tennessee, one
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in georgia. now the concern is the gusty winds behind the passage of the cold front has left us with a wind advisory in place for the new orleans area from now all the way into midnight. these winds out of the northwest up to 25 miles per hour gusts up to 35 miles per hour. so it's advisable if you are one of the 49er faithful and are flying out, check with your air carrier for the possibility of airport delays or visit us online at reporting live with mobile weather sfo, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> thank you. it was a mess. i know michelle got drenched this morning in new orleans. moving on now, lindsay lohan is back in court today and true to her style she showed up fashionably late and even tried to miss it altogether saying she had a respiratory illness. she is accused of violating parole lying to an officer last june after she crashed a porsche into a dump truck. lohan is due back in court on march 1 for another pretrial hearing but doesn't have to
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attend that hearing. golly! the lovable character gomer pyle and the andy griffith show ties the knot. actor jim neighbors married his partner of 38 years in seattle on january 15. the couple who live in hawaii traveled to washington after the state legalized gay marriage last month. the 82-year-old has been open about his homosexuality with coworkers and friends but never acknowledged it publicly to the media and now at 82, gomer is married. up next your super bowl spread, need a little sweet treat makeover? how a cupcake maker has come up with just the right ingredients. >> and we have some pictures. say hi to danny and annie piper. that's little genevieve right there our 49er faithful. we would love to see your pictures. send them in. more when we come back. stay right there.
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cocca-dotts in new york just revealed their lastest creations for the super bowl. the local favorite eadlines last an unusual food pairing. in new york they revealed their latest creation for the super bowl. the local favorite grabbed national headlines last year with their popular chicken wing cupcakes. now salsa and chips, pepperoni
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pizza, cornbread and chili, chocolate-covered pretzel and lawrence's favorite bud light and lime cupcakes. >> oh, yeah. the perfect condition for your super bowl party stephanie tantillo says it is the dish for all your crab-loving crowd out there. >> reporter: hello, everybody. i'm stephanie tantillo for stephanie's bites and we're here with the owner who is going to make us one of his most popular dishes at this restaurant. >> making [ non-english language ] this is a very thin angel hair pasta with local dungeness crab and spicy tomato sauce. >> dungeness crab is actually in season right now in san francisco so this is the best time to get this dish. >> after you put a little salt in boiling water for two minutes, this is how it looks. we'll be combining it with a little fresh or dried oregano, garlic, chili, parsley, toasted bread crumbs, olive oil. >> you chop up the garlic. >> releases the juices and oil and it marries into the olive oil. dry oregano. you want to kind of mash it between your fingers just to
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release the oils red chili flakes, add ago from. >> dungeness crash has like a sweet flavor to it right. very nice sweet flavor. a little bit of white wine in there. this is to get the sauce going. our tomato sauce. so kind of bring it to a boil. this is the crab permeating in that. >> the local flair of the dungeness crab is so traditional to italian roots by having the white wine, marinara, oregano and bread crumbs. look at that. it's beautiful. so now i get to jump into this pasta dish here at paleo. i'm stephanie tantillo for stephanie's bite. and we're taking a bite out of italy in california. it's great. >> cupcakes and now italian food. we're hungry here. you get that recipe by logging on to we have food, a little football, too. we are going to break with some pictures of the 49ers super fans.
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there you go. good-looking pooch right there. that's king. he is from san bruno. he is a winner and you don't want to mess with faithfuls damian and diego who have their game faces on every sunday. meet andrew ready for the big game, too. how are you doing? keep it right there. we have more when we come back.
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noon. have a great afternoon.
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you it's a big deal when the parents have a press conference. >> colin kaepernick's parents have a press conference. >> you will hear from them tonight at 5:00. take care. captions by: caption colorado
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>> taylor: thomas, there are other fashion houses. you don't have to go away to paris.
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>> thomas: no, i'm thinking about doing something with dad. look, mom, i'm a good designer. i'm talented. i've got business savvy. and i have to realize all of my potential. i can't do that here with all these logans in my way. >> taylor: i don't want you to go. >> thomas: you know i can't stay. paris? >> thomas: well, at least there i have allies -- dad, steffy. here, i don't have anything. >> taylor: eric just stuck up for you. >> thomas: i don't need anyone to stick up for me, mom. i'm sorry. this is what i have to do. i got to get this report filed for rick before my flight. >> brooke: oh. uh, i'm sorry. i thought that... >> thomas: i was already gone? >> brooke: [ sighs ] thomas... i know this is difficult for you and your mother. but i really think paris is going to be good for you.


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